Sony Xperia Z2 - Application settings

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Application settings

Some apps will ask for permissions once you start using them. You can allow or deny

permissions individually for each app, either from the Settings menu or from the

Permission confirm dialog. Permission requirements depend on the app’s design.

Allowing or denying permissions

You can choose whether to allow or deny permissions when the dialog is shown. If you

have used another Android version previously, most apps will have already been granted

the necessary permissions.

To allow a permission


To allow a permission, tap



When the confirm dialog appears for the second time, you can choose the


ask again option if you wish.


A dialog will also explain why the app needs the permissions and what it uses

them for specifically. To dismiss this dialog, tap


To deny a permission

To deny a permission, tap

Deny when the dialog is shown.

Some applications can still be used even if you have denied permissions.


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Critical permissions

Some permissions are mandatory for apps to work as intended. In such cases, a dialog

will inform you.

To allow critical permissions


To allow a permission, tap

Continue > App info > Permissions.


Find the critical permission you need.


Drag the slider to the right.

You can also manage permissions in

Settings > Apps. Tap an app and change the permissions

as desired.

To configure applications


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Apps > .


Select a configuration option, for example

App permissions, then choose an

application that you want to configure.

Application linking

Your device can determine the default app to handle a particular web link. This means

that if the link is set, you don’t need to select an app each time you open a link. You can

change the default app any time you want.

To manage app links from the Settings menu


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > Apps.


Tap and find

App links.


Select the app for which you want to set the supported links.


Set the

App links property to Open in this app option.