Sony Xperia Z2 - Widgets

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Widgets are small applications that you can use directly on your Homescreen. They also

function as shortcuts. For example, the Weather widget allows you to see basic weather

information directly on your Homescreen. But when you tap the widget, the full Weather

application opens. You can download additional widgets from Google Play™.


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To add a widget to the Home screen


Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates, then




Find and tap the widget that you want to add.

To resize a widget


Touch and hold a widget until it magnifies and the phone vibrates, then release the

widget. If the widget can be resized, a highlighted frame and resizing dots appear.


Drag the dots inward or outward to shrink or expand the widget.


To confirm the new size of the widget, tap anywhere on the Home screen.

To move a widget

Touch and hold the widget until it magnifies and the device vibrates, then drag it to

the new location.

To Remove a Widget

Touch and hold the widget until it is selected, then drag it to

Remove from home