Sony Xperia Z2 - Album home screen menu

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Album home screen menu

Through the Album home screen menu you can browse to all your photo albums,

including photos and videos taken by your device's camera using special effects, as well

as content that you share online via services such as PlayMemories Online, Picasa™ and

Facebook. Once you are logged in to such services, you can manage content and view

online images. From the Album application, you can also add geotags to photos,

perform basic editing tasks, and use methods such as Bluetooth® wireless technology

and email to share content.


View photos and videos using the PlayMemories Online service


Return to the Album application home screen to view all content


View your favorite photos and videos


View all videos saved to your device


View your photos on a map or in Globe view


View photos and videos that you have hidden from view


View all photos and videos taken by your device's camera using special effects


View all photos and videos saved to your device in different folders


View all photos with faces

10 View photos and videos on devices in the same network

11 Open the settings menu for the Album application

12 Scroll up or down to view content

13 Open web support

The PlayMemories Online service is not available in all countries or regions.


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To view photos from online services in Album


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Album, then drag the left edge of the Album homescreen to the right.


Tap the desired online service, then follow the on-screen instructions to get

started. All available online albums that you have uploaded to the service are



Tap any album to view its content, then tap a photo in the album.


Flick left to view the next photo or video. Flick right to view the previous photo or